The Team
Created by Yann Jacobsen, Jacobsen Engineering gathers more than 100 years of experience in the cleanroom industry, nuclear industry and in climate engineering.
cleanrooms, nuclear, climate engineering, Nuclear Containment and Ventilation Expert, Engineering designer 2D/3D, energy recovery
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Jacobsen Engineering, a team specializing in cleanrooms and nuclear ventilation

A solid experience for the cleanroom industry and nuclear industry

Created by Yann Jacobsen, Jacobsen Engineering gathers more than 100 years of experience in the cleanroom industry, nuclear industry and in climate engineering.

By choosing Jacobsen Engineering, you rely on a team of experts in the specialty of controlled environments with proven history in the nuclear industry and feedback from unprecedented and remarkable projects such as: the containment realization of the new sarcophagus from the damaged Chernobyl plant, the dismantling of the SuperPhenix reactor vessel, or the breakdown of the Tokamak for the ITER project.

Yann Jacobsen – Expert in Nuclear HVAC

With more than 30 years of experience in the heart of the cleanroom industry and the nuclear industry, Yann Jacobsen has created his consulting and engineering company to meet the needs necessary in the realization, the operation and maintenance of your installations in controlled environments.

People are at the heart of the company’s development and Yann Jacobsen pays particular attention to it. Everyone’s technical expertise and experience are essential but valuing each individuals’ skills also contributes to the performance of the company.

Holder of a thermal and regulation Master (D.E.S.S.), Yann Jacobsen has worked for more than 20 years with SMEs and large national accounts in the fields of nuclear ventilation and cleanrooms. Yann holds the following nuclear clearances: SCN1, CSQ, PR1 RN.

Yann Jacobsen has built his team by bringing together a complementary know-how and a solid experience with passionate and professional personalities.


Alain Jacobsen – Nuclear Containment and Ventilation Expert

When we speak of experience at Jacobsen Engineering, we immediately think of Alain and his 36 years of experience in the nuclear industry, as well as 18 years in service climate engineering. From the costing phase and costing analysis to installation expertise, Alain is the privileged interlocutor for aeraulic, thermal, filtration, balancing, fire and operating safety, energy balance and regulation.


Arnaud – Engineering designer 2D/3D

His proficiency of 3D design tools is a definite asset in our team. Mechanic by training, holder of DUT (university diploma in technology) in mechanical and production engineering, Arnaud is our Master of Mechanical Processes in clean environments. He was confronted with the IQ/ OQ/ PQ qualifications of pharmaceutical installations. He also has extensive experience in the food industry.


Théo – Student apprentice in energy recovery

Holder of a BTS (Higher Technical Certificate) in fluids, energies & environment, Theo joined the Jacobsen Engineering team as part of a 3-year apprenticeship at the Arts & Métiers from Paris.