Le Mans Jean Bernard Cancer Center
JACOBSEN Ingénierie a réalisé pour l’installateur DELABOUDINIERE les études d’exécution de l’ensemble des équipements de production énergétique, de ventilation des locaux et salles d’opération dont certaines sont des bunkers en béton baryté pour la radioprotection.
études d’exécution, équipements de production énergétique, ventilation des locaux et salles d’opération,
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Hospitals, Nuclear industry

Le Mans Jean Bernard Cancer Center realized by Le Batimans company HVAC Construction study of the technical rooms for DELABOUDINIERE installer


The Jean Bernard center is a private center specializing in radiotherapy, hematology, oncology and nuclear medicine.

Client needs:

Le Mans Cancer Center is the 5th center of this type in France. It brings together care, screening and research activities.
It includes radiotherapy, nuclear imaging, a nuclear medicine department (scintigraphy) and a clinical research unit.
The center also includes high-tech equipment: 1 Cyberknife, 4 latest generation accelerators, 4 gamma cameras (scintillation cameras) and 2 PET scanners (positron emission tomography).
Global project of 70M€ including 4M€ for the HVAC lot.


JACOBSEN Engineering has carried out for the installer DELABOUDINIERE, the execution studies of all the energy production equipment, ventilation of the premises and operating rooms, some of which are bunkers made of barium concrete for radiation protection.
In addition, JACOBSEN Engineering carried out all the detailed plans of the technical rooms and the schematic diagrams (around 40 plans + calculation notes + operating notes).


Project owner: ILC
Project management: Chabanne

Completion date: 07/2020 to 01/2021