JACOBSEN ingénierie a réalisé les études d’avant-projet et la rédaction d’un cahier des charges travaux pour notamment la mise en place de roues dessicantes.
études d’avant-projet, rédaction cahier des charges travaux, mise en place de roues dessicantes
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Cleanrooms, Pharmaceuticals

Preliminary study for the heat treatment RH <20% at 20°C of the Banals zone


CEVA is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products for animals.

Client needs:

Taking place on its Laval site, in the context of new drugs production using powders that are sensitive to humidity, CEVA wishes to control the relative humidity of certain rooms strictly inferior to 20% for an ambient temperature of 20°C.


JACOBSEN Engineering carried out the concept studies and drafted the work specifications, in particular for the installation of desiccant wheels.


Project owner: CEVA
Project management: JACOBSEN Engineering

Completion date: 07 to 09/2020